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What is a Dominican Blowout?

Dominican Stylists Specializing in Ethnic Hair

Dominican Blowout

Women are notorious for spending so much on fashion, beauty and wellness that you can hardly count the number of trends that they’ve tried and given up in favor of new ones.  One hot new fad today is the Dominican Blow Out and it’s all about straight, natural and lightweight hair.  

The Desire for Beautiful Hair 

Now you probably think that straight, natural and lightweight hair is not a big deal.  Probably not if you already have it from the moment you were born.  But it’s a big deal for all women who have thick, tangled and curly hair who just want to enjoy having straight natural and lightweight hair to get their self-esteem back. Women who have such hair have often resorted to trying all sorts of hair straightening tricks and products but are often left feeling dissatisfied.  Either their hair became damaged or the result that they got was not the one they were hoping for.  That is why the Dominican Blow Out method is fast becoming popular. 

What is the Dominican Blow-out? 

The Dominican Blow-out may best be described as the style or technique perfected by Dominican hairstylists to achieve perfectly natural and straight hair from frizzy, thick and curly hair.  Dominican hairstylists use a combination of very high heat blow dryers, magnetic rollers, flat iron and styling products to achieve the best results.  Though you may think that just about anyone can perform a Dominican blowout, it is the speed, accuracy and artistic flair of the hairstylists that gives the Dominican blowout the edge. 


Most Dominican blow-outs start with shampooing and deep conditioning your hair to get the best results.  Different salons use different products so you need to research on which ones each salon uses just to make sure that they don’t damage your hair.  If you’re not sure, you can simply bring your own hair products.  After, expect the hairstylist to put your hair in magnetic rollers to loosen and smoothen the hair and to hasten the process, this will usually be under a hooded dryer.  Your hair will most likely be soft, smooth and partially straight after. This makes it easier for the hairstylist to blow dry your hair. 

Blow drying your hair is an art that Dominican hairstylists have an edge on.  The hairstylists use a high temperature blowdryer with a roller brush with full bristles specifically for a Dominican blowout.  The wide spaces of the bristles make it easy for coarse hair to pass through them thus enabling a better transition from curly to straight.  Blowdrying will probably the longest routine that you’ll experience especially if you have long hair.  Remember too that the intense heat from the blower may be too hot for some people to handle.  A hairstylist may also use a flat iron if she decides that some parts of your hair needs more straightening.  


Where to get a Dominican Blowout

If you are located near Raleigh, NC then you are within minutes of the best haircut and styling that you have had in a while.  We are located conveniently at 1600 Ronald Dr in Raleigh, NC 27609.

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